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18. let me count the ways

Wow, what a month. First I get over the sickness, then the windows of my shop get smashed by red balls--if I find out who did it, you will pay--then that forced insomnia again, and getting lost...

Sometimes--actually, most of the times, I don't like this place at all. Except for some times, when it's very nice to be here.

private to Al:

Feeling better?

private to Ed:

Your new automail's done. Both arm and leg. And don't complain about it, I worked very very hard!

[ooc; Will try to get in many, many replies!]

17. and it's way better than before


Ahhhhhh--I live! [laughter]

Wow, you guys have no idea how terrible it is to spend a month--well, almost--confined to your beds, feeling like crap. Fever, nausea, and my muscles, my poor joints. Like an old person. Now I respect Granny even more, if that's what she goes through--except I'm sure she's stronger than that.

But! Now that I'm back, so is the shop. So any orders should start bombarding me right now, I don't mind. Excuse me though if I prioritize, I have some diamond tips to take care of.

[ooc; begone ticks!]

16. we don't know what's coming.

[filtered to Ed]

Are you back?


Yesterday was the worst and best day ever, and I don't even know how to begin to explain it. But I really really really hate curses.

And this fever...I must've caught a cold or something...

[ooc; Tick-borne disease is starting.]
I miss Allelujah and Marie already, and they haven't been gone that long, even. I guess it's just...this place does have something to it, doesn't it? You make friends, and get sad when they leave. Aside from the friends from your own world, of course.

And there's another funny thing. This must be the longest we've been together, guys. I know Al doesn't have his body back, or Ed his arm, and there are still Alchemists who are evil, and other State Alchemists, and such...but. It's just-

I like this place. Curses and everything aside, it's like it has reunited us again. Like when we were kids... God, and Ed's still as tiny.

[ooc; Okay that last thing is just pure cruelty as usual. Sorry, Ed. It's out of love. MELANCHOLY DAYS. I missed rping and have had a terribly exhausting day. Finals suck. Now rape it before I've to disappear again eek.]

14. sloth has nothing on me


Mm? I should be opening the shop...I think I'll do that after I eat...

God, and cooking...I guess we can order out today...

Except I really don't want to move from this comfy, cooooooooooomfyyyyyyyyy bed...

...nap time.

[ooc; Duh. Cursed.]

13. can you win this war?

I had the worst nightmare the other day...

God, good thing the shop's well-insulated. With this rain... Allelujah, Marie, please help me make sure there's no metal getting wet and rusty today, mm?
I've actually been thinking about this for a while now, and I think I should definitely expand my horizons. These last weeks I was working on automail for someone other than Ed, and it felt...strange. I mean, back home, I have a lot of clients--but it's different there, with the war; it's almost not fair to see people go through pain in this place. I'm glad Mister Ishida recovered his arm; I'm the first to praise the wonders of automail onto others, but the real thing is... yeah.

Don't take this the wrong way, Ed! But I think I'll be happy just being your automail mechanic in this City here. It makes it feel like home in a way

So I've been studying up on some things, and Rockbell Automail Shop is now expanding business to mechanics of any type: cars, household devices, etc. And robots. If you have robots to fix up, bring them to me.

By the way, what's with all these happy people around?